English Club TeamYea & Alternative (Free)

Do you want to improve your English? ?

Do you want to get promoted and achieve career advancement, but English stands in the way??

Do you want to be understandable and develop comprehension of the language?

Do you want to start a conversation and interact easily and professionally in English??

Alternative is offering you an English club!!!?
We will be having
business English, IELTS and conversation. ?

What are you waiting for?
Start with us now and improve your English fluency.?

We chose business English to be the theme of our first English club meeting. Join us to learn how to use it professionally in different fields.

It’ll be on wed, Dec 22
At 2 to 5 pm

The class will be totally for free, and the numbers will be limited by preregistration

Class content:
▪ Introduction about business English.
▪ What’s business English? Why is it important for your career?
▪ How to format your CV.
▪ Types of CV.
▪ CV vs. Resume.
▪ What to include on a CV.
▪ How to write a professional CV.
▪ Tips for writing your CV.
▪ Sample CV.
▪ Formal VS. Informal writing:
• Key Differences
• Definition
• when& how to use them.

Instructor: Samar Mahmoud

ESL instructor with 6 years of experience in teaching English for young learners and adults.

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