Introduction to cloud computing and AWS

January 17, 2020

2:00 pm - 8:00 pm

5th, Marshal St., El Mashayah El Sofleyah St., Second floor. Mansoura

100 L.E

This will be a 4h session talking about Cloud computing as an on-demand delivery of IT resources over the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.
We will talk about amazon web services (AWS) fundamentals and learn how to build, deploy and scale apps on the cloud using AWS services.

  1. Introduction to cloud computing.
  2. Introduction to AWS:
    1. AWS shared responsibility model
    2. AWS value proposition
  3. AWS compute:
    1. EC2
  4. AWS Networking:
    1. VPC
    2. Subnetting
  5. AWS Storage:
    1. S3
    2. EBS
  6. AWS Databases:
    1. RDS
    2. DynamoDB
  7. AWS Monitoring and scaling:
    1. CloudWatch
    2. Elastic Load Balancing
    3. Auto scaling group 


This workshop is for:
  • Software developers.
  • System engineers.

 Ahmed Taweel is a software engineer with +4 years of experience in developing many scalable, high-available and   high-performance web applications and services based on business needs following the best software designs and   practices. Most of his work is related to E-Commerce, Social Media, Publishing, and Fintech.

Ahmed is passionate about software architecture, clean code, automation, CI/CD and Agile, so he does his best to make the work easier and cleaner for development team by adopting good architecture alongside automating all routine tasks, holding good communication channels within the team and maintain a healthy environment to focus more on productivity and reduce conflict through all the different phases of an application from start to deliver.

Currently, he is working as a senior software engineer at Flying Elephant Lab supporting (E-Commerce) and (Fintech).


Date & Duration:
  • Fri 17-01-2020 from 2PM to 8PM including 3 breaks 15 mins each.
  1. At least 1 year of experience in the software industry.
  2. Basic understanding of networking, operating systems and Linux administration.
  3. Any knowledge with distributed systems and containerization will be a big plus.
  • 100 L.E.
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