Digital Marketing Meetup

October 28, 2019

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

5th, Marshal St., El Mashayah El Sofleyah St., Second floor. Mansoura

10 L.E

Digital Marketing Meetup

Meetup Agenda :
*First session (4-5 PM) :
*Instructor : Moustafa Alaa El-din
FCES college instructor | Business Skills Coach | Business Executive | Career Adviser | Marketing adviser
*Will discuss:
-Marketing plans
-Call to action strategy
-Funny marketing
-Creative marketing
*Second session (5-6 PM) :
*Instructor : Ahmed Alaa
CEO of Run Agency | Social media marketer | Digital marketing trainer
*Will discuss:
-Content marketing
-Content marketing strategy

Date : Monday 28 October 4:6 PM

Attendance Price: 10 L.E

Venue Sponsor : TeamYea Coworking Space designed to help startups and freelancers to work away from their daily routine style to integrate, enjoy team diversity and increase their networks among others people in various fields by providing an exceptional facilities and coworking environment.

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