Fill your SOUL Camp

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- not specified -

Ras Shetan, Nuweiba

1380 LE ~ 1840 LE



TeamYea Business House team and our community are heading to Nuweiba for one-week coworking/retreat camp. Fill your SOUL Camp is customized for freelancers, startups community, entrepreneurs and others who are looking for a different working environment with more relaxation, fun and development activities.

The camp will be in Ras Shetan. We will stay in huts on the beach surrounded by mountains. Additional, We are providing some coworking spots with internet to get your work done if needed. However, we encourage you to reduce technology and enjoy the beauty of natural.

If you are ready to join us from 15,Oct to 22,Oct, fill in the application below and we will get back to you soon.

Deadline to apply is Friday 30,Sep,2016.

Pricing and Packages:

Package 1

Package 2 Package 3
Accommodation Shared Triple Hut Shared Double Hut Single Hut*
Breakfast & Dinner Provided Provided Provided
Internet Access** Provided Provided Provided
Transportation from and to Mansoura Provided Provided Provided
Participation in circles and activities  Yes Yes Yes
Closing Party Yes Yes Yes
Prices 1380 LE 1550 LE

1840 LE

*There are limited single huts.
**Internet only provided in coworking spots.

For more inquires feel free to contact us at “[email protected]”.