The 1st Professional Voice-Over Workshop

Starts November 18, 2018
Ends November 28, 2018

4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

5th, Marshal St., El Mashayah El Sofleyah St., Second floor. Mansoura

Early Bird 400 EGP - late Owl 500 EGP

Each brand has a special concept, tone of voice and target audience!

That’s why the Voice-Over plays a vital role in delivering the brand message and rich information in no-time. During the Voice-Over workshop, you would understand different factors which could help you to be a professional voice-over artist.

Workshop Content

A-What is Voice-Over
B-Voice-Over Types
C-What do you need to be a voice-over
D-Podcast vs Broadcast
E-Performance Musts.
*The C chain 
F-Additional skills
* Accents + Languages
* Translation
* Script Writing
G-Equipments and hardware
1. Mics (types/uses/differences)
2. POP filter and (Explosive Letters)
3. Sound Proof Insulation + Vocal Booth + DIY tutorial + (Brief about Echo vs. Reverberation)
* Top SE softwares and their uses.
I- AU for Podcasters
*Stage 1: Learning the Basics:
a. A Quick Overview
b. When to Use Waveform and Multitrack
c. Exporting Entire Sessions vs. Exporting a Waveform Audio
d. Recording and Exporting Audio
e. Splitting Audio
f. Backing
g. The use of Pan
h. Silencing Breaths
i. SFX and Effects Rack Overview
*Stage 2:
a. Mastering Audio
b. 10/20/30 Bands EQ
c. Enhance your vocal takes
d. Advanced Noise Reduction
e. Kill Mic Rumble
f. Standard Loudness
g. Radio jingles

Presented by:
Mohamed Fayez,
Voice-Over Artist with +5 years Experience

No.of Hours: 24 hours
Workshop Schedule:
“18,20,22 Nov, 2018 from 4PM to 8PM”
“25,27,29 Nov, 2018 from 4PM to 8PM”
Workshop Investment:
Early Bird: 400 EGP “till 10 Nov 2018”
Late owl: 500 EGP
-You would get 1 free hour to use VoiceOver room to record your samples
– 20% Discount for the next 2 of booking the room