Small steps into Docker

October 4, 2019

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

5th, Marshal St., El Mashayah El Sofleyah St., Second floor. Mansoura


In this session we will discuss :

  • Containers, What And Why ?
  •  Docker, A containers Engine!
  •  The death of “But It works on my machine” ?!
  •  Let’s see it in action.
  • Service orchestration and Swarm in action.

Instructors : 

**Ahmed Maher

A web developer with an interest in so many things that
share the same theme of making me learn and explore
new ideas, also has some geeky genes in my DNA.

**Ahmed Taweel

A software engineer with over 3 years of experience in developing many scalable, high-available and high-performance web applications and services.
Currently, he is a software engineer at Yaoota working directly in the search engine core team.

Date : Friday 4 October 2:6 PM

Attendance Price: FREE

Venue Sponsor : TeamYea Coworking Space designed to help startups and freelancers to work away from their daily routine style to integrate, enjoy team diversity and increase their networks among others people in various fields by providing an exceptional facilities and coworking environment.

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